Introducing Sally

Introducing Sally

Hello! I’d like to introduce myself – Sally Rew – to all the members and friends of Active Arts. I have been appointed on a short-term contract as Development Officer for Active Arts since late in 2008, to support the organisation in setting itself up efficiently and legally, to do some fundraising and to support the development of a strategic plan for Active Arts and the arts in Castle Vale, (perhaps that’s one and the same thing…).

In the last few months I’ve attended a number of Trustee and Steering Group meetings, completed the charitable status application for Active Arts, done some work on planning and budgeting for 2009/10 and made some relevant funding applications. I hope that I’ve also helped to shape the development of the organisation and will continue to focus on that, eventually leading to a strategic plan for arts development and activity that involves other people and organisations in Castle Vale, i.e. the stakeholders in Active Arts.

Recently the Trustees held a meeting of stakeholders, enabling us to consult with people already active in connection with Active Arts and to meet others who are new or are re-connecting with the organisation. A report on this meeting will shortly be posted on this website and will be circulated to all those who attended and who are on our wider stakeholders’ email list. If you want to be kept in the loop about what’s going on with Active Arts, then please tell our Chairperson, Claire Procter, and she will put you on the email list, (see the ‘contact us’ section), or regularly log into this website for news.

Having only just introduced myself it will come as a bit surprise to you to know that I’ll be taking a very low profile in the next 3 months (to the end of June), as in the other part of my working life I have a region-wide puppet festival to produce! However I’ll be keeping in touch with the Trustees and they of course will be taking steps to build relationships with partners and to deliver the first of this year’s arts projects led by Active Arts (subject to successful fundraising of course). I’ll be back in action with Active Arts in July, but if anyone wants to contact me about projects, ideas, connections, anything related to arts in Castle Vale, feel free to email me on or phone on 07811 019701.

Best wishes, Sally

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