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What is the project in short?

The Butterfly Effect is the title of our 2015 Project which will promote the idea that by doing something small for your community, from volunteering 1 hour a year or being part of a community event to helping out at weekly activity, that it can have a large positive impact on someone else which then helps to transform the place they live.

What Do We Want The People’s Millions Money For?

  • A project worker, mentors, resources and a project documenter
  • Recruit and train volunteers – Vale Makers
  • Run activities that people want – get ideas and help make them happen, small and large
  • Put on some big events including a massive final event that brings the community together – lets be ambitious

The-Butterfly-Effect-Logo-Orange-1505What Happens Next?

We need people to vote.

On Tuesday 25th November a phone number will be published and between 9am to midnight people can phone up to 10 times on their landline and up to 10 times on their mobile for just 15p a time.

We are up against another project and 1 of us will win the funds.  It’s simple – we need the most votes!

How To Vote? How to Help?

You need the phone number on the 25th November and you can help by

  • following this blog
  • joining our Facebook groups
  • ‘join’ our vote day event
  • talk, share and tweet all about it
  • through a party or event to raise awareness
  • get other people to do the same
  • and especially – look out for the number on the 25th November and Vote!

Remember, Remember, 25th November.  Bring a Christmas Gift to Castle Vale 1 month early.

If we win The People’s Millions, we will run a range of activities led by volunteers, designed by some of the community e.g. community activities, arts workshops, finishing with a big community event to bring us all together.   As well as being involved in the design, people will be supported in making it happen for themselves through the leadership of the Project Manager and through training and mentoring. For example learning about the practicalities of running an event, or how to run a craft workshop, or how to bring people together to bring about action to improve something in the community, or stewarding etc. We will also share our experiences with other communities through our website and offering our expertise wider.

We want more people to be involved in our community – not to stay inside and keep to themselves attached to their tv but getting out at least once a year and being part of something that is exciting, energizing and a bit different. We don’t expect everyone to become mega volunteers but we’d like to see everyone doing something even if small, to help make the community a positive place to be. Castle Vale estate has had lots of investment in the past to regenerate buildings and we want to invest in people. All people have the ability to contribute and make a difference. We don’t want volunteering to be reliant on the same few people giving a lot of time but a lot of people giving whatever they can.


One comment on “The Butterfly Effect Vote
  1. […] up to date with the campaign and to get the phone number on vote day please start following the Active Arts website and get involved through their Facebook pages.  This is where all the information will be […]

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