Erdington Local Community Response Volunteers

Active Arts are very happy to provide support to Erdington Local Community Response Volunteers, set-up in response to the local need during COVID-19.

A local group of volunteers who aim to ensure that no one in the Greater Erdington area is left without during this period.
The volunteers can complete shopping tasks, run errands and do the things that you often take for granted.
They offer a contactless delivery service, with a range of payment options, and turn requests around within 24 hours.
Alongside this, they are providing delivery drivers to TAWS and other local foodbanks to ensure that the very vulnerable get what they require.

If you would like to join as a volunteer, please email

You can also contact
07748241321 – Delivery Drivers/Food Packers (David)
07802801963 – Shopping Services (Maggie)
07799762992 – Mental Health Support (Mandy – Autis)

If you can help financially to support this local response, you can donate via our Crowdfunder




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