2014 Plans

AACV is leading on the following activity in 2014

Vale Makers
Our volunteer scheme where anyone can find a role to be involved in the life of Castle Vale – from being on committees part of the planning to working behind the scenes at an event.  We are in early stages of development but we believe the Olympics doesn’t have to have a monopoly on great volunteering.  For a 21st Century Castle Vale we need to find a 21st Century way of getting people involved in the success of the estate.

The Last Leaf (Memorial Tree)
A piece of lasting public artwork that recognises the individuals who have made a difference to the achievements of the estate over its history.  Inspired from an old South American concept that a person is still living as long as the last person who knew them is alive – that person known as the last leaf.  We have artist Saranjit Birdi creating a piece of artwork that will have leaves with the names on of important individuals to be remembered for all time – to be a physical representation of the last leaf.

Urban Street Art Project
Visual and graffiti artist Mohammed Ali will be working with local young people to capture the story of the estate on a visual storyboard that stays as a permanent visual reference to our past and achievements.

Knits and Pieces
A bi-weekly group for all ages who are creating pieces of art from knitting and crocheting with lots of projects planned.  The Castle Valiens being the first of many great ideas that will manifest themselves during the year.  No experience necessary.

Vale Challenge
A sporting challenge each month that gets CVCHA staff and the estate seeing who can reach sporting goals with funds raised going to the John Taylor Hospice charity.   Already there has been the Running challenge, the Swimming Challenge and the Cycle Challenge.  Next up is the Assault Course Challenge on Friday 9th May 2pm-7pm at Greenwood Academy.  Then on Saturday 7th June 11am-4pm is the Abseil Challenge off Topcliffe House with Community Picnic.

Castle Vale Community Awards
Our regular event will build and grow on last years success with new award categories and another amazing transformation of space this time at Greenwood Academy.   As it’s the Year of Celebration we will also ensure something special takes place. Save the date: Saturday 21st June 7pm-11.30pm.  Plus get yourself ready for the nominations and voting.

Castle Vale Festival 2014
An event to end the year in style and to firmly establish a new annual community event that can’t be missed.  Successes of 2013 such as the Castle Vale Shield, Live and Loud and the fun day will be features plus a special performance that could be starring you.  Castle Vale Day with The Big Lunch will take place Friday 26th September and the Festival itself on Saturday 27th September 2014.

Publication and DVD
It’s time for a new publication about Castle Vale.  Something from the residents incorporating our history and achievements from their perspective rather than the corporate story.  We’ve also been asked if we can provide a DVD of the Year of Celebration that brings together all the highlights.  Look out for further details.

Beyond the Year of Celebration
We have started to think about what comes after the Year of Celebration. This will be developed over the next 6 months with the Steering Group and residents.

We have also been working with CVCRS as part of Birmingham City Council’s Cultural Pilot to deliver the Social Prescription Project.  This has seen Singing, Photography and Storytelling workshops take place weekly since January at The Sanctuary.  We’ve had local services prescribe arts activity as part of health and wellbeing plans as well as individuals who’ve signed themselves up.  This will run to the end of May – see the blog posts for more details.

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