The Last Leaf

A3 Presentation Board-Last Leaf-SBirdi

Recognition of a Contribution to Castle Vale

The Last Leaf will be a permanent sculpture to celebrate the people who during their lives made a contribution that impacted on the people and place of Castle Vale. They do not have to have been a resident of the estate as long as it can be shown how they have made a difference to Castle Vale.

The Last Leaf recognises and celebrates outstanding community achievements. These are reserved for people:

  • who have changed things and made a difference to people;
  • whose work has brought distinction or enhanced Castle Vale.

If you think you know someone who demonstrated one or both of these accomplishments while they were alive and that their contribution stood out from other people, please consider recommending them for a posthumous recognition and celebration as part of The Last Leaf.

To put forward someones name please see the following details in word and pdf versions.  You must read the guidance notes, complete and application and sent it with two supporting letters and any supporting evidence.  This will help the panel review information and provide information for inclusion in The Last Leaf book.

The Last Leaf Guidance Notes Nov 2014 (pdf) The Last Leaf Guidance Notes Nov 2014 (word)

The Last Leaf Form Nov 2014 (pdf) The Last Leaf Form Nov 2014 (word)

First deadline: Monday 15th December 2014, 5pm.


Funding Update

We are still fundraising the total funds to have the sculpture made.  If you would like to make a donation you can contact us directly or better still visit this website address where you can make a payment using a card and can register for gift aid so that the government also makes a contribution.

All money raised through this website will be used for activities that celebrate Castle Vale starting with The Last Leaf.



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