What’s Your Vale Story?

Active Arts are working with Spitfire Services to help deliver a Heritage Lottery funded project ‘I Castle Vale‘.  We are also pleased to announce that The Wings Family have been brought on board to help us deliver the project.

Maybe you have lived on the estate all your life or moved here quite recently?


Does this photo bring back memories?

We would like to know about some of your personal experiences and stories on Castle Vale. What were your moments of joy, struggles or tribulations?

Not to appear nosey but we want to hear your stories, whether they are from the last 60 years or more recent.  Our past projects have looked at the history of the estate and how it has physically changed. This project is about the personal experiences of people living here.  Not so much what it is like to live here but what it is like to be you.  We all have more in common than sometimes we realise and we’ve all had moments that have made us laugh or cry.

Over the years we’ve met and got to know many residents and your experiences have helped to shape our projects and this is no different.

We’d love to have some of our regulars and new faces come along for a warm cuppa, biscuits and quite possibly cake.  Join us for one or more of our events and feel free to bring along or pass on the details to people you know. The first two dates are in Castle Vale Library and if you think there’s somewhere good to host us for the last two then please get in touch.


or this?

All sessions taking place at 1pm-3pm:
– Tuesday 17th April at Castle Vale Library
– Tuesday 24th April at Castle Vale Library
– Wednesday 25th April – Venue tbc
– Friday 27th April – Venue tbc

No need to book, just turn up, but of course feel free to let us know you’re coming as we love to hear from you.


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