Final Voting Round Now Open

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Thank you for all the suggestions for the nomination categories – we’ve had a record breaking amount come through.  We’ve been through them and put together the final list for you all to start voting.

They’ve all made incredible contributions to Castle Vale and we look forward to celebrating all the nominees and winners on Friday 16th October 2015 at this years event. Tickets can be bought from The Sanctuary, the Library, the TRA or reserved online, more details on the website page.

Final Voting Round  – Now Open Till Friday 25th September 5pm

You can vote online by following this link here or by completing the paper copy and taking to the voting boxes at The Sanctuary, CVCHA or Greenwood Academy.  Forms can be found by the voting boxes or if you want to download and print the paper copy yourself you can here Castle Vale Community Awards Nominations

We will be putting up longer profiles of the nominees and highlighting them as part of our countdown campaign.  So remember to get sharing on Facebook, email or other favourite online chat as well as when you’re out and about.

Award Category Descriptions and Nominees

The Valued Contribution award is for those who have done more than could be imagined and helped to make Castle Vale a great place to live. The Nominees are:

  1. Ann Jephcott
    has been volunteering at Forge Farm Stables (Animal Sanctuary) for the last 12 months.
  2. Castle Vale Neighbourhood Tasking Group
    are residents who meet to report issues and ensure that service providers take action.
  3. Callum Gillam
    is a part time youth worker for CVCRS who volunteers in addition to help CV young people.
  4. Jane Roche 
    has gone above and beyond her role at the TRA to support people when they are in need.
  5. Ken Sims
    is an active resident ensuring local people are represented through roles on key boards.
  6. Merlin Venture Limited
    have supported local people to gain employment and training opportunities for 15 years.
  7. Ray Goodwin
    has led by example with his endeavours and persistence in making Castle Vale a better place for all.
  8. Sheila Hyland
    has supported local groups fundraising and activities through her job and beyond.

The Young Person’s award is to recognise those under 25 years old who have volunteered or helped others beyond expectations. The Nominees are:

  1. Aaron Moroney
    for his involvement in a range of community activities and encouraging others to be leaders.
  2. Abigail Watts 
    for all her volunteering and representing young people at national and local events.
  3. Brian Savage
    for all his volunteering, representing young people locally and supporting events.
  4. Martyn Ramsey 
    for his volunteering for the HeadStart project and becoming a Vale Maker.

The Volunteer of the Year award recognises those who give their time to make things happen in Castle Vale e.g. supports activities, supports events, helps behind the scenes. The Nominees are:

  1. Castle Vale Pool User Group
    have despite adversity and criticism continue to work hard to keep Castle Pool open.
  2. Colin Stokes 
    has worked hard to coach the Under 10’s football, raised funds and inspired young people.
  3. Lamidi Aminu
    has for more than 22 years contributed to the community from the days of the HAT to now.
  4. Stephanie Norton
    has been volunteering with the Castle Vale Literacy Champions Programme for nearly a year.

Apprentice/Young Enterprise Award is for those who have worked hard in their endeavours to develop themselves within their chosen profession. The Nominees are:

  1. Dylan Hughes
    is an apprentice at CVCHA, who has worked and now volunteers his own time at CVCRS.
  2. Charlotte Dodd
    For setting up La Rochette, a new dance academy for people of all ages on the estate.
  3. James O’Hare, Amy Caddick, Ben O’Hare (WINGS)
    for creating a new group for all ages, that will help people with their next steps into the arts.

The Arts and Creativity award is for those who should be recognised for their participation in or leading of an arts or creative activity/event (including visual, performing and digital arts). The Nominees are:

  1. Claudette Griffiths
    For her role in helping to set up The Happy Snapper and supporting a range of arts activities.
  2. Happy Snappers
    For their work to create a new local interest group and sharing their love of photography.
  3. James O’Hare,Amy Caddick, Ben O’Hare (WINGS)
    for creating a new group for all ages, with high quality drama, dance and singing training.

The Sports, Fitness and Wellbeing award is for a person, team or group that should be recognised for their participation in or leading of any sports, fitness or wellbeing activity. The Nominees are:

  1. Castle Vale Couch to 5K Group 
    for working hard to achieve the challenge of running 5k in less than 9 weeks.
  2. Castle Vale Town FC
    for local residents who give up their time to support the club in a range of key roles.
  3. Colin Stokes
    has worked hard to coach the Under 10’s football, raised funds and inspired young people.
  4. Kick Start Academy
    for giving children many opportunities and making a difference to their lives.
  5. Lee Crofts
    For his commitment to get fit and healthy, motivated by fundraising.

Plus remember we have the Unsung Hero open category where you can name anyone or group that you think should be recognised for actions over the last 18 months that have largely been unnoticed or not celebrated enough.

For all the full details and Terms and Conditions visit the main Community Awards 2015 page.

Get voting!

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