Butterfly Effect Update – May 2015

The-Butterfly-Effect-Logo-Green-368The Butterfly Effect – update May 2015

There’s been lots of activity behind the scenes for a run of activity coming up.

Vale Makers

  • An advert has gone out and new people are coming on board.  Still more people we want to recruit with training and opportunities currently being put in place.
  • Ideas of how we link to other volunteering on the estate are also being explored.

New Regular Activity

  • Singing Groups – two new singing groups are being set up on request that will be led by James O’Hare from Generations Choir.  The first new singing group will be on an afternoon for those who want a social sing and natter. The second will be after school for young people who want something modern.  I’ve asked Richard Jeffers (who ran the singing group before) to mentor him.
  • Wings – a new weekly group for people who want to be in the core performance group of the Butterfly Production led by Amy, Ben and James O’Hare and Benji under the mentoring of Mark and Sarah from Highly Sprung.
  • Plus I’m meeting up with others keen to lead new activity, more to follow.

Community Events

There will be 4 community events this year with the first 3 set:

  • The Vale Challenge/ Community Picnic launched with The Big Lunch on Friday 26th June and the main event Saturday 25th July
    1. The Butterfly Production June-September. Final performances Saturday 19th September
  • The Castle Vale Community Awards nominations July/Aug and voting September for Friday 16th October

The Last Leaf

Installation date to be set still.  To help this move along now at greater speed Sally Ann Rose is helping with the names for the leaves by getting in touch with families and helping to pull it together.


  • Carla Belle is supporting behind the scenes and local involvement
  • Tyburn Mail are looking at coverage each issue plus we’re buying advertising
  • Steering Groups being set up for each of the strands with AACV trustees overseeing it all
  • Our Conversation Lounge is going on tour! Look out for details.
  • A new Natter Network for residents and local groups taking place Wednesday 10th June 5pm-7pm at The Sanctuary.

For more information contact Claire Marshall on activeartscv@gmail.com or Carla Belle on 0121 748 8189 or carlab@cvcha.org.uk

Through the Neighbourhood Partnership, public service planning and delivery will be truly responsive to local needs and residents will continue to play a full and active part in driving the priorities for services.

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