The Butterfly Effect Project Emerges From Planning Cocoon

Butterfly Effect RecruitmentJust as the Spring sun helps to bring out the butterflies – The Butterfly Effect project comes out of its early planning stages to begin delivery in Castle Vale.

It may have appeared quiet after all the action of the ITV People’s Millions Lottery campaign back last November, but behind the scenes we’ve has been busy working on how to make sure the £50,000 can be best used in line with its Big Lottery Fund application.

There have been a couple of small events already this year, inviting people to come along and celebrate the winning of the funds and to be part of planning ideas. Which has seen new people and regular community participants get together to dream and help realise what comes next.

There well now be a flurry of activity as we invite residents of Castle Vale to be part of The Butterfly Effect by becoming a local leader, a volunteer at events or behind the scenes or to get involved in one of the four events to take place between now and the end of November.

£50,000 sounds like a lot of money but there’s lots of big ideas and we want to get as many people involved as possible. Active Arts are looking for people interested in getting involved in the music, dance, drama, film and production workshops building towards performances this September as well as people who’d like to set up a new sowing group or a new digital arts group..

Some of the funds are being used to help set-up new community activities with mentoring support, if you’ve got an idea and you’d like some start-up support, Active Arts want to hear from you.

If you’d like to get involved arrange to meet up with Project Manager Claire Marshall via our new AACV email and look out for more details on our website pages.

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