ITV and Big Lottery’s People’s Millions 1 Week Today!



One week today is vote day for The Butterfly Effect Project.

One week today we’ll be up early looking for and sharing the telephone number that could help make a £50,000 difference to Castle Vale.

One week today we’ll be contacting all the people we know by email, phone, text, Facebook, Twitter, blog posts, hanging out in public places, dropping by schools and offices and anything else we can think of to encourage you to pick up the phone and vote.

For those who need a recap here’s what you need to know. Earlier this year Active Arts submitted an application for funding to The Big Lottery’s Peoples Millions Funds. From thousands of applications our project – The Butterfly Effect – was shortlisted down to the final 6 for the ITV Central West News voting stage. This is nothing short of a massive achievement. But that’s not the success yet, there’s one more stage to go.

It’s really simple – just like the XFactor and other TV competitions – on the 25th November, a phone number is given out at 9am, and on that date we need as many people to phone our number as possible between 9am and midnight. There’s only two projects to vote for on that day and if we get the most votes, we win £50,000 for Castle Vale!

So why should you bother? Three reasons. One: because £50,000 will make a real difference in Castle Vale as we can run new community activities. Two: because we’ve not entirely decided how to spend that money as we want people in Castle Vale to come up with the ideas and help make them happen. Three: because this is Castle Vale where the power of the community is greater than any other estate in this country and we should prove it.

It’s only 15p a call. You can call up to 10 times on a single phone number. So if you want to, for £1.50 you could phone 10 times from one number. If you have a mobile you could vote 10 times on that. And if you have both a landline and mobile, for just £3 you would be making a big difference to that money coming to our project by casting 20 votes. And if you have a work number that could be 30 calls.

I’ve been a part of Castle Vale for 15 years and seen many incredible things happen. We’ve already had the most people in a campaign film that will be shown on ITV on the 25th November during Central News from 6pm. Could we get the most votes? We’ve got support from individuals, organisations and groups so far but we need everyone we know and their friends and relatives and their friends and relatives to help us.

Come on Castle Vale and all our friends – VOTE FOR US on the 25th November.

Look out for the phone number on our website as well as via Tyburn Mail and The People’s Millions and on ITV.

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