Enjoying Bake Off Season? Get Involved Yourself


So it’s become tradition at this time of year for a large majority of the country to become fixated by cakes, bread and other baked goods.  Who are we in Castle Vale to not join in with this?  It made perfect sense therefore to add to the Festival this year the Great Castle Vale Bake Off.

The event is open to anyone who wants to come along with something special to show off and in search of a prize – you don’t need to be from Castle Vale.

Earlier this year we had a smaller event with CVCHA and CVCRS staff baking and decorating to raise funds for John Taylor Hospice and we had great fun.  This time it’s opened up to all and we will have prizes for the best cake made by someone Under 18 and the best cake in the adult category.  Plus as there’s going to be so much good cake on offer we are happy for cakes to be donated and slices to be served at the event in return for a small donation to the Last Leaf sculpture.

So what are you waiting for?  Get thinking of an idea and get baking.

Below and downloadable are the rules and we ask that you register in advance via the website link here or by completing a form that can be found at CVCHA on the Hight Street or The Sanctuary on Tangmere Drive.

CV Bake Off Rules 2014

Rules for the Bake Off

The competition is for the best cake to celebrate Castle Vale with an Under 18s and Adults categories.

  1. Be as creative as possible – think about the cake’s theme (Castle Vale), what makes your entry special? Use your imagination.
  2. It has to be cake – no cookies, desserts or pies
  3. It has to be baked – no refrigerator concoctions
  4. All entries must be home-made and hand decorated. Pre made completed cakes, bought from a shop or bakery, will not be considered. Cake or packet mix is fine.
  5. All entries must be presented with a cake name & brief description
  6. To ensure a fair decision, all entries must be kept anonymous until the winners are announced. Personal details will be logged at registration.
  7. All entries must come with a full list of ingredients – for potential allergens
  8. No intimidating fellow bakers/bakettes – all’s fair in love & baking
  9. No bribing judges – with cake or anything else
  10. Cakes will be judged on presentation and taste
  11. Once the winners have been announced, cake slices can be sold for donations – to help raise money for The Last Leaf legacy sculpture. Please let us know at registration if you will allow your entry to be donated
  12. If possible, please register your Great Castle Vale Bake Off in advance – via the web address below
  13. Entries will be accepted on the day (Saturday 20th September) at The Big Top on Farnborough Road Playing Fields – although registering in advance would be helpful to organisers.

Cleanliness is important. Have a look at the Food Standards Agency’s tips on staying safe and hygienic in the kitchen at www.food.gov.uk 

Competition prizes to be announced.

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