Vale Abseil Challenge and Community Picnic Today

Today’s the day we’ve been building up to for the Vale Challenge for the last 5 months.

The weather isn’t what we’d like but currently we are still going ahead. Do check back at this website though to check on the latest progress.

Today is about raising money for John Taylor Hospice. The idea from CVCHA’s Chief Exec Peter Richmond. As he’s first up this morning at 11am I’m imagining he’s in two minds about what he has made happen!

Every year CVCHA has a charity they fundraise for and this year Pete wanted to get creative and ambitious as well as look at how the wider community of Castle Vale could participate. And here we are. Four challenges completed: run; swim; cycle and assault course. Just the abseil to tackle today.

Lots of people have been behind the Vale Challenge to make it become a reality: CVCHA, CVCRS and NPB staff; Active Arts and the Year of Celebration Steering Group; Pool User Group; Community Environmental Trust; Greenwood Academy; Castle Vale Scouts. There have also been some great companies behind the assault course and the abseil to put the infrastructure in place.

We want the final event to be a celebration of all those who’ve faced the challenges and helped to raise money, as well as a good excuse to have a community gathering. I’m psyching myself up for the building of many gazebos to ensure that the Community Picnic element of today can be successful.

So let the best of the British attitude shine through this changeable weather. Get your waterproofs on, bring your camping chairs and lets ignore the wet. We’ve got people who are taking on the Vale Challenge today and some money to raise for charity.

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