Great Opening Ceremony, Day 2 Activities Here

We had a great start to the Castle Vale Community Games yesterday.

The rain stopped for us as we paraded down to St Cuthbert’s Church to the music of the Walsall Coronets Junior Marching Band. Our AACV flag made it’s first apprearence of the week, young people from The Sanctuary waved flags that they made with artists from Craftspace Collective last week, the Pool User Group were out in great force with impressive flags and t-shirts looking fantastic and everyone was happy to walk along waving a flag or blowing on cazoos or whistles.

Once we arrived at the end of the parade there were great opening speeches from Sue Spicer and Laura Hicklin, followed by a performance from the marching band and then the confetti cannons marked the moment, set off by our two voted residents and our local councillors Mike Sharpe and Linda Clinton. Thank you to those who came out and joined in the fun and to artist Garry Jones who helped to make such an impressive start to the week.

After the ceremony some people made their way over to the Heritage exhibition in Spitfire House, which is still open for anyone who’d like to go and see some fantastic old images of the area.  At The Sanctuary, more trolley floats were made in the afternoon to get us ready for our closing parde on Saturday.

Today we are running a trolley float making workshop at The Ridings care home in the morning and this afternoon Garry will be at The Sanctuary again for anyone who wants to come down and be part of making a float.

Check out the programme in the post below for activities for the rest of the week – we look forward to seeing you at the Games.

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One comment on “Great Opening Ceremony, Day 2 Activities Here
  1. Elena says:

    It was really good, big thank you to all organisers!

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