Rainbow Reef at the Olympic Torch Relay

This morning AACV was part of making history by taking a section of the Rainbow Reef to be part of the Olympic Torch Relay in Birmingham.

Getting up very early (for me 3.45am), Sheila Arthurs, Pam Mooney,  Sandra and I met in Victoria Square to float a section of our Rainbow Reef in the city landmark fondly known as ‘the floozy in the jacuzzi’.

A small crowd had gathered to be ready for the torch setting off from the city, but we created the first rush to see what was going on.  A few times Sheila got pleasantly mobbed while people asked about the reef: who’d been involved, how was it made and why we were here.  We very quickly attracted the attention of Radio WM who were doing a live broadcast from the square and Sheila was interviewed about the beautiful floating reef.  Some of the Torch team even came down to look while they waited for 6am and the departure of the torch cavalcade.

We had a great morning, it was lovely to see how people of all ages from young to older and men and women, all came over to admire the work.  One gentleman after hearing about the piece exclaimed “well I’d come here for the torch but this is much more impressive”.  The crowds disappeared slowly after the main attraction was gone, but not till many took photos with the reef and had a chat to us.  At 7.30am we called it a day and felt not only very pleased with ourselves for such an early start and great success but very pleased to know how something very special had come out of a long standing craft and can not fail to inspire those who see it.

There’s still opportunities for people to get involved, contact Sheila on sm.arthurs@btinternet.com

And look out for huge sections of the Rainbow Reef as part of Castle Vale’s Community Games taking place 31st July – 4th August.

Finally to say a big thank you to Birmingham City Council for the permission, Sandra for all the work getting it set-up, to Tony who built the platform it sat on, to Pam and Sheila who were crucial in making this happen and of course to all those who have contributed.

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One comment on “Rainbow Reef at the Olympic Torch Relay
  1. Great write up Claire, after that very early start it was really good to see how many people came amd commented or took pictures of the Reef.

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