Castle Vale Community Awards – Get Voting

After feedback from local residents, the Community Awards are now taking place annually and this year the Events Committee has an evening that will build on previous successful events.

As in previous years Active Arts is sponsoring the Creativity Award.  So who do you know that has made a difference to make the arts or creative activities happen on Castle Vale or maybe someone who has tried something new or shown a passion or talent for something creative?  It can be an individual person or a resident group.  Here are some ideas of creative activities but we welcome all suggestions: crafts, cooking, sowing, dance, drama, music, photography, film, fine arts…

The nomination forms can be found at the Events Committee website or at CVCHA and at The Sanctuary where you can also post them into the ballot boxes.  The deadline is Monday 14th November at 12 noon so you still have some time left to vote.

There are 5 voting categories all together: Neighbourly Award, Creativity Award, Sport & Fitness Award, Environmental Champion Award and the Valued Contribution Award.  So while you think of someone for the award we’re sponsoring have a think about the others –  is their someone who perhaps isn’t often recognised for their hard work you can put forward?

The evening of the presentations itself is taking place on Friday 25th November, 7.30pm onwards at Castle Vale Residents Club and is being hosted by Dave Clarke (Heart 100.7 Radio Presenter), with entertainment interspersed between the awards by local residents.  With doors opening from 7.15pm expect a high energy and fun filled evening with music, dance and some zumba! Tickets are free, but get them quick as they sell out fast. For further information and to reserve tickets go to the website or call Mike Wroe on 07814087775.

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