Christmas Greetings

A short Christmas Newsletter


Thank you all for your contributions and support this year, which has been an incredible journey for us all. Sally Rew has done some remarkable work developing the Me You and Everything Else photography project in particular. She has enrolled talented artists to run workshops and events and engaged both young and old in telling their stories in pictures. Look out for the splendid insert in Vale Mail this week. The project is ongoing and will include an exhibition of work in 2011. To see the latest pictures go to



2010 has seen so many meetings, discussion groups, workshops etc., run by CVCHA, NPB etc., to discover what Castle Vale residents want to see happen as we continue to grow as a community. Last week I attended an away day at which representatives of all the agencies and groups came together to try to take those suggestions forward. What was really inspiring was the determination shown to move from ’planning’ to ‘doing’ and perhaps even better, to work together to share our skills and abilities to make things happen


Active Arts has an important role to play in raising aspirations and empowering people to express their creative side. One of the ideas we would like to have your views on is holding a Castle Vale Festival of Arts. A serious undertaking covering a wide variety of events and talents, showing the wider population that we are a community that deserves to be taken seriously. Perhaps persuading Birmingham theatrical and art groups to perform or exhibit here too.


We hope to call a meeting in January to discuss the year ahead and we would really appreciate your ideas and suggestions, in the meantime we will be happy to hear your views via email etc.,


Have a Happy and Peaceful Christmas and a hopeful 2011


Sheila Arthurs


On behalf of Active Arts Trustees, Claire Procter, Claire Marshall and Helen Webley


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