Castle Vale Library Reading Group

 Today the group had the pleasure of welcoming local author Christine Coleman to talk about her book  The Dangerous Sports Euthanasia Society which we had been reading over the summer. We had wondered at her choosing to make the heroine Agnes a 75 year old when it is so obvious that it will be a good few years before Christine reaches that age! She entertained us with the story of  how as she was approaching 50 she realised that she wanted to take a different direction and a few risks too! 

the book  tells the story of Agnes, recently widowed who is dumped in an old peoples home by son Jack, who has split up with his wife Lucy and has a new and troublesome wife…… Meanwhile Lucy also has her problems and the upshot is that Agnes doesn’t get to see her grandchildren. So, Agnes decides to escape from the home (by climbing out of the window) and find her grandchildren. The hilarious yet moving adventure begins… on the way she invents the dangerous sports euthanasia society and changes not only her life but those of the characters she encounters. We all loved the book.

Christine then read us passages from her new book ” Paper Lanterns” which was partly inspired by the finding of a cache of real love-letters written from China in  the 1920’s by two women to the same man. Can’t wait to find out how this one moves on. If you would like to learn more about Christine and the books she writes visit her website  I have only had time for a brief visit, but will return for more. It’s always good to meet an author of a book one has enjoyed and even better when the encounter is so entertaining.

Sheila Arthurs

Christine's latest book

Chritine Coleman

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