Sunshine, strategy and support

After a busy last month, I’m finally getting round to updating the blog. Thanks to those who have been waiting patiently for our next post; I’m happy to say that we’re now starting to get a steady stream of hits per day, which shows the level of interest in arts activity in North-East Birmingham.

So, what have we been up to? These are exciting times at Active Arts. We’ve spent the last month training, strategizing, head-scratching and generally trying to generate fresh, innovative and exciting ideas for arts events and projects on Castle Vale, and I’m pleased to say I think it’s all paid off. We’ve got some fantastic projects in the pipeline for autumn and winter, and have even begun putting the wheels in motion for a major event next spring. Sounds interesting? Well, it is! But you’ll have to keep visiting the site to check for updates!

In the meantime, this Sunday brings Castle Vale’s first Party in the Park event in Centre Park. It promises to be a fantastic day out for the full family, with a great line up of local musical talent, including singer Tezlin Newell-Harding, The Usual Suspects and the Central England Concert Band, along with headline tribute band, Dream Supreme. Entry is free and entertainment in the main ‘arena’ starts at midday. Rain or shine, Castle Vale will be alive with the sound of (home grown) music this weekend. Now that’s really something to sing about.




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One comment on “Sunshine, strategy and support
  1. Well I never ….Castle Vale arts ! That’s good .. I am doing a long job of writing up experiences of people in the mental health hospital that was named “Highcroft”… Its tower was used you know, to spot German aircraft in the World War 2. A number of months ago I wrote a haunting song and some poetry about the Spitfires and the Vale …

    I do tons of poetics and pictures about that area of Highcroft –

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